Dive Locations in Maldives

With scattered string of pearls, Maldives is endowed with serene placid atmosphere and wealthy underwater kingdom. Majority of travelers visit Maldives to experience scuba diving in world famous dive locations in Maldives.

Maldives boasts of its innumerable dive sites with rich and colorful marine species. Famed for its coral gardens and multi-color fishes, Maldives beckons earnest divers to explore the underwater world.
Channels are created out of atolls' rim, which provide best diving spots on Maldives. Most of the atolls in Maldives have reefs surrounding a lagoon. Maldives is truly a diver's paradise. All the resorts in Maldives have dive schools offering scuba diving lessons and dive equipments to tourists.
Diving is a most favored water sports activity in Maldives. To experience thrilling adventure under the water, dive san diego, maldives holidays, dive instructor, dive holidays, dive packages, dive gear, dive school will take you on a diving safari to popular dive sites in diving dhoni. Most of the atolls has various unspoiled dive locations.

North Male Atoll has myriad dive spots with rich aquatic species.
Lion's Head located in Vaadho Channel offers best site for drift diving with a depth of 3 to 30 meters. Rasfari outside of Rasfari Island will take you to the underwater adventure with sharks and mantas. Banana Reef, a reef in a shape of banana, located in North Male Atoll is a first ever dive location discovered in Maldives defining the underwater adventure. The wreck of the Maldives Victory near Hulhule Airport Island lies at 35 meters depth houses turtles, giant trevallies, groupers, fusiliers and jackfish.

The underwater visibility is an important factor in scuba diving. You can expect the level of visibility up to 50 meters and sometimes more all through the year making diving in Maldives pleasurable and adventurous. To taste real adventure deep inside the water, Maldives is a perfect destination with a window to the realm of underwater.