Maldives People

The Maldives people are extremely down to earth people who follow a simple lifestyle. The origin of the Maldivian people has its own history and is worth noting.

As per historical records, the first inhabitants of the country were the Naga and the Yakka people who migrated from Sri Lanka and came over here. History also says that the Dravidians from South India also came and settled over here, thereby becoming the early inhabitants of the country.
In fact, the history of the country has a rich history of immigration. People from India, South East Asia and Sri Lanka migrated from their country and settled in this island country. Traits and customs prevalent over here also points out to the fact that the Gujratis sailed from India during the Indus Valley period and settled in Maldives.
Because of the country' s location on the main sea route on the Indian Ocean, it has been the meeting place for African, Arab, Malay and Indonesian mariners for a long period of time. All this and more shows that the people of Maldives are a mixed race with diverse cultural and historical background. In Male, one can find the Giraavaru People. They are considered as the descendents of the Tamils of South India. These people have their own customs and traditions, which is different from the rest of the Maldivian people.
The women tie their hair into a neat bun on the right side unlike the rest of the country, who tie it on the left side.

The people of the country are dark skinned and have an athletic built. Most of them are either football players or excellent divers. Young citizens of Maldives are encouraged to take part in sports and other games. Education is given a lot of importance in the country and everybody is encouraged to go for higher education.

The people of Maldives are simple people and are extremely family oriented. They give a lot of respect to one another, especially to the visitors. The majority of the people in this country are Muslims. They give a lot of importance to their families. The people of the country are extremely shy, but friendly. The people are extremely spiritual and religious minded. People of this country are however extremely superstitious.

The Maldives society has strong social divisions, Women are expected to stay at home and take cares of the household, while the men takes all the major decisions and is the bread earner of the family.

The Maldives people are known for their simplicity and friendly nature. One would surely like to mix with them and know more about them.