Maldives Flora and Fauna

Maldives is known for its exotic beaches and natural wonders. The lush green vegetation and the amazing marine creatures and wildlife found over here are some of the biggest tourist attractions of the island.

The flora and fauna of Maldives is exotic. The islands are covered with lush green vegetation. One can find numerous palm and coconut trees, not only in the beaches, but also along the sides of the paved roads of the city of Male.
The coconut tree is the national tree of the country. The islands in general are covered with thick and dense scrubs. The islands have five categories of vegetation and one can find 20 different species of grass growing along the shorelines. One can find different varieties of trees in the country. The most common types of trees found over here include banana, mangroves, breadfruit trees, banyan trees, vines, plantain, papaya and other varieties. One can also find dense rain forests in many of the islands. The banyan tree is the tallest tree that one can find in this island. The islands are also known for the coral reefs.
One can find brightly colored corals in the islands. Apart from the numerous trees, one can also find different kinds of birds, animals and fishes in Maldives. Maldives wildlife is truly exotic and unique. The most common mammals that one can find in the forests include rats, rabbits and flying fox. One can also find giant fruit bats in Maldives. One can also find different species of birds in this exotic country. Ducks, bitterns, crows, curlews, snipes, and different kinds of sea birds are extremely common over here.
The forests are also home to numerous insects and reptiles. One can find scorpions, lizards, beetles, ladybirds and other types of creatures in the forests. Maldives is also known for its exotic marine life. The blue tranquil waters of the sea are home to different species of tropical fishes, which include butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish, rock cod, unicorn fish, trumpet fish, blue-stripe snapper and others. One can also find different kinds of crabs and other crustaceans over here. Tourists going for scuba diving can check out the sharks, stingrays and manta rays. One can also find dolphins over here and turtles are common too.

Maldives flora and fauna are wonder by themselves. The unique marine life and the numerous varieties of trees are worth checking out.