Maldives Festivals

The island country of Maldives is known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. There are a large number of festivals in Maldives that are clear examples of its cultural tradition and heritage.

The Maldives festivals are filled with fun, excitement and enjoyment. In these festivals, people come together and celebrate with one another. Families and friends come together and celebrate these festivals and cultural events together.
There are numerous festivals that are held in Maldives. One of the most popular festival of the country is the Ramadan. It is a religious festival, which is held in the Islamic month of fasting. It is the most important religious festival of the country. It is held in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Another popular festival held in the country is Eid-Ul Al'H'AA. Another major religious festival, the young and the old take part in the celebrations. People go to the houses of their friends and relatives in this festival.
The Kuda Id or the Prophet's Birthday is another religious event in Maldives. The people go to the mosques to offer prayers early in the morning. Thereafter feasts are prepared in the households and friends and relatives are invited to dinner. This festival is celebrated for three days and is considered as a public holiday period. Other major festivals held in the country include the Independence Day Celebrations, National Day, Victory Day and the Republic Day Celebrations.
National Day is celebrated to mark the day on which Mohamed Thakurufaanu and his men overthrew the Portuguese in the year 1573.

The festivals in Maldives are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. The national flag of the country is brought out on almost all the major festivals if the country. Musicians, drummers, singers and dancers all come together to show their talent and provide entertainment to the people. In these festivals one can try out local dishes like Gula, kuli boakiba, foni boakiba and kiru Sarbat. Folk dances are held as well as modern jazz performances. Poetry competitions and recitations are also organized in Maldives cultural festivals. The poets are asked to recite Raivaru, a traditional form of poetry recitation.

The Maldives festivals are extremely colorful and filled with fun, excitement and enjoyment. People come together to have a great time and enjoy with friends and relatives in these cultural festivals in Maldives.