Maldives Communications

Communication in Maldives is not difficult at all. The country has a good number of mediums of communication, which allows one to get connected to any place across the world.

The telecommunication sector is well developed in Maldives. The country has a good telephone system. Both landline and mobile phone services are available in Maldives. One can make both domestic as well as international calls, The islands also have good connectivity and are connected with telephone and facsimile services.

The mobile telephonic system is fast growing in this country. Prepaid packages and roaming facilities are available over here. The country has Radio services also. There is one FM broadcasting station, one AM broadcasting station and one short-wave station. The short-wave services were introduced in the year 1998.

As far as audio-visual communication is concerned, Maldives has one television broadcasting station. This was setup in 1997. The country also provides internet facility to the tourist as well as the local people. The country's internet code is '.mv'. Dhiraagu is the Maldives telecommunication company and also the providers of internet services in the country. The Maldives communication system allows one to get connected to the rest of the world easily.

All the resorts and islands have international direct dial telephone facilities as well as fax facilities. The hotels also offer internet access to the tourists. The cruising vessels provide wireless internet connection and wireless telephone services to the travelers.

Communication in Maldives is easy and efficient. The country has an efficient communication system that will allow one to get connected to any place in the world easily and without any difficulty.