Inner Atoll Safari Maldives

Maldives is a country consisting of 1,192 coral islands spread across 26 natural atolls. Travelers coming for a vacation over here can embark upon a safari to the beautiful atolls of the country.

There are numerous Inner Atoll Safaris in Maldives. Most of the tourists come here embark upon numerous water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, diving and boating. The Inner Atoll Safaris, Maldives are the best way to go for such water-based activities. The safaris also take one for a tour around the islands and the atolls.

One can travel by boats or small vessels and take a tour around the islands and see the beautiful beaches, the tropical marine life and the exotic natural surroundings.

One can go for either diving safaris or go for surfing in these safaris. There are numerous diving sites that one gets to visit. These diving safaris lasts for around 7 to 10 days and are filled with adventure. One can go for scuba diving and check out the exotic marine life. The boats have comfortable rooms and all other features like bars for the tourists. Dive instructors are also available on these safaris who help and guide the tourists in this activity.

One can check out the coral reefs in these safaris. The best time to go for such Inner Atoll safaris is between January and April.

Surfers can also go for Inner Atoll Safaris or rather Inner Atoll Surfaris. Modern boats are used in these safaris and the rooms are equipped with all the modern features liken television, VCR, bathrooms and bars. The safaris are arranged on a charter or a group basis. On arrival at the airport, one can directly go for such safaris.

There are a number of tour packages that one can avail of when planning to go for an Inner Atoll Safari, Maldives. Some of the major safari tour operators are AAA Travel and Tours, Atoll Vacations Pvt. Ltd, inner Maldives Pvt. Ltd, Marina Fauna Safari and Travels and others.

The Inner Atoll safaris of Maldives are filled with fun, adventure and excitement. The tour packages are extremely economical and these safaris are a great way to have a great vacation in the country.