Maldives Fishing Seasons

Fishing is a major industry of Maldives. In fact, it is the main occupation of people of this country. The government has taken a number of steps to develop this sector. But every season is not perfect for fishing. There are certain fishing seasons in Maldives when the catch is good and proves lucrative.

The weather is extremely important to make sure that one has a good catch. Normally speaking, fishing is carried out throughout the year in Maldives.

Being a hot and humid country, and with sun shining almost all through the year, fishing is more or less carried out all through the year. However, the best time to go for fishing is during the Northwestern Monsoons. A good fishing season in Maldives is the Hulhangu Season. The end of this season is the best time to go for fishing. This period usually ranges from mid-June to the end of June and is simply perfect for getting a good catch. Strong winds and stormy clouds are features of this season. Rainfall usually occurs during the month of April.

Another season, which is ideal for swimming is Iruvai. During this period, fishing is good on the eastern side and in the northern atolls. The season is marked by plenty of sunshine and winds blowing from the northeastern side. One can find different types of fishes during this time and this acts as a boon for the fisherman. The most popular types of fishes that one can catch over here includes tuna, dolphin fish, rainbow runner, jack, trevally and barracuda. The best time to go for fishing is early in the morning. Night fishing is also very popular in Maldives.


Fishing should be avoided during the months of October, as the weather is rough and stormy. The sea is rough too and fisherman are usually advised not to venture far into the sea. Fishing is a major industry of the country's economy, making significant contributions towards the nations gross domestic product. The sector is well developed and modern facilities have been introduced in order to increase the catch.