About Maldives

Maldives or the republic of Maldives is an island country located on the Indian Ocean, south of India. The country has 1190 coral islands and is one of the smallest Asian countries to be a member of the United Nations.

Today the country has become a major tourist destination by virtue of its exotic beaches, tranquil waters of the sea and its picturesque landscapes. Before going on a vacation to this country, it is necessary that one has full information about Maldives, as that will enable one to relate to the country and its people easily.
Maldives is located on the equatorial belt and enjoys a hot and humid climate. The sun shines over here all through the year. The people of the country speak the Dhivehi language. English is however also spoken over here extensively. The currency of the country is Rufiyaa and Laaree. The country attained independence on the 26th of July, 1965.
Fishing and tourism are the major industries of the country. Male is the capital of the country. The city is known for its high rises and skyscrapers. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city, which includes the National Museum. The city is known form its rich cultural heritage and is home to a large number of colorful festivals and events. The culture of the country is a mix of British and Muslim culture. Traveling to Maldives is not difficult at all. There are number of airlines which have flights to the Male International Airport.

One can simply take a flight from the city of departure and come over here easily. Inside the country, one can move around from island to island either in helicopter taxis or by boats called 'Dhoni'. Inside the city of Male, one can find air-conditioned taxis also.

Staying in Maldives is not difficult at all. One can find numerous resorts and hotels over here where one can lodge during their visit to this country. To know more about Maldives one can try the following links: